Getting Married



Many clients are surprised by the great amount of financial planning that’s involved for newlyweds. From merging bank accounts to budgeting, it’s important to get organized as you prepare to chart your financial future together.

However you decide to handle your finances after getting married, we will help you navigate every turn. With our financial planners, you get an objective professional to help you think through budgeting, determining who will pay for what, and setting financial goals. 

Our thorough approach helps to ensure that nothing is overlooked as you begin this new chapter in your life together. Whatever your goals are, discussing key financial considerations with one of our advisors can help you both get on the same page financially and start your marriage out in an even more positive way.


Birth of a Child (or Grandchild)



The birth of a new child is a cause for celebration, but that new addition will also bring huge financial and lifestyle changes. Education savings plans will need to be created, wills and insurance policies will need to be updated, and a list of new expenses will need to be managed. 

To provide for your growing family, you as a parent must take steps to get your financial house in order. We work with you to ensure that you are financially prepared to provide your new baby with the life that they deserve.  We’ll take a look at your finances to develop a plan that funds those inevitable expenses, like childcare costs, medical expenses and college tuition.

College Funding

College Planning.png


College financial planning continues to get more and more complex. The costs continue to rise and the stress and anxiety for both parents and students around paying for college is at an all-time high.

Prepare your family for college expenses with a savings plan from Optimum. As part of a comprehensive financial plan, we can guide you toward a strategy to incorporate an education savings plan that meets your expectations and works within your financial planning goals. We listen to your objectives, provide personalized solutions, and properly plan for a bright future for your child.