New Directions

Opening a Business

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Starting your own business is an exciting opportunity, but the financial side of it can make the whole idea seem challenging.  Whether you have experience in opening a business or not, having a financial plan will help you focus on what you’re passionate about, while utilizing your money where it matters.

It’s important to consider a budget for your business, as well as your personal finances.  In addition, you should be aware of retirement plan and benefit options for you and your employees.  An advisor can help walk you through all of the important financial steps that will help your business grow and succeed. 

Selling a Business

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Selling a business requires physical, mental, and financial preparation.  It is important to look at your current financial state and consider how that may change after your business is sold.  The most beneficial thing you can do when selling a business is plan ahead.

An advisor will help you focus on your goals when it comes to your business by helping you develop a transition strategy.  This ensures you are getting what you need before, during, and after the process.  We can help you optimize your newfound earnings through a financial plan and make the most out of your money.  

Changing Careers

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Whether you’re re-joining the professional world, have recently lost a job, or are just looking for a new opportunity, embarking on a new career path is a change that takes a lot of thought and consideration.  This can be an emotional time, but having a financial advisor can help take away some of the burden. 

Beginning a new job can cause you to bring in more or less money than you are used to.  This can effect your typical monthly budget and expenses.  We can help you to plan a budget and monitor your everyday spending habits.  By doing this, you will be more prepared for your new career, and feel more financially secure.