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Our Tenets of Investment Success

TRUST. Our client confidence and trust is our most valuable asset. We believe in earning it each and every day. At Optimum, we focus on managing our clients' financial lives so they can pursue their professional goals, while enjoying their personal lives.

PROCESS. We adhere to a disciplined time-tested investment philosophy which provides attractive risk-adjusted returns. We vigilantly research our investments and refine portfolios, to continually strive to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. 

INDIVIDUALIZATION. All of our client portfolios are individually managed, as investment decisions must incorporate the impact of turnover, tax liabilities, capital and income requirements and propensity for risk. 

COMMUNICATION. We communicate and coordinate our investment counseling efforts with your other professional advisors to fine-tune your strategy. As your needs change, our investment process evolves with you. The importance of the need to effectively and continually communicate with clients is among the best lessons we've learned. The most mutually rewarding relationships are with the clients we know best. 

STRATEGY. We are a fee based investment advisory firm with a modest fee structure. Our strategic investment plans are carefully designed, monitored and adjusted to meet changing conditions. Our motivation is to ensure that plans are consistent with our mutual goal: to protect and grow your assets